1. Life becomes much more exciting when risk stops being something you do, and starts being something you are. How could you incorporate more intelligent and calculated risk into your life?


  2. Let’s welcome the weekend with our #FamousFriday artist profile, The Stanfields! Their sound is described as “rhythm-fuelled hard rock laced with traditional roots sounds.” However you describe it, it’s a great way to bid the workweek adieu. Today we’re featuring their latest video ‘Hard Miles’. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY00Zi1EdVs


  3. It’s sometimes good to take a moment to look back at your week and what you’ve accomplished. What risks have you taken, and which ones will you take next week?


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    Often, one voice speaking out with integrity and courage can make real change. The willingness to risk being the lone voice is often what defines a leader. What have you spoken out for today?


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    We’re starting off the weekend with the ‘won-far-too-many-awards-to-list’ Joel Plaskett, this week’s #FamousFriday artist! Hailing originally from Berwick, Nova Scotia, Plaskett will be playing at the Acoustic Maritime Music Festival on July 18 and 19 in Kempt Shore, Nova Scotia. In the meantime, check him out here with his band The Emergency on their track “You Let Me Down.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf8NMB-Id7Y


  6. On this day in 1966, civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. held a ‘freedom rally’ at Soldier Field in Chicago, attended by over 35,000 people. Sometimes standing up for what you feel is right seems like the riskiest thing of all. What have you stood up for today?


  7. Travel and exploration means taking the risk of leaving our familiar world in favour of seeking out the unknown. We are, by nature, curious creatures. What are you curious about?


  8. Argyle Fine Art: A More Creative Future For Halifax

    Every so often we like to turn the spotlight on local businesses who are carving out a unique identity here in Halifax. This time out, we’re featuring Adriana Afford, owner of Argyle Fine Art!

    When you mention running a small business in any city, an art gallery is probably the furthest thing from people’s minds. The list of risks and difficulties with running such a business seem almost overwhelming, but for Argyle Fine Art, which turns 15 this month, the risks appear to be paying off.

    Hailing from Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Adriana Afford originally started with the gallery as the bookkeeper before making the decision some years later to purchase the business for herself. Purchasing an existing business, art gallery or no, is a risky move in and of itself, but then to start making changes to a business with an already established clientele is a task not for the faint of heart.

    In the years since, Argyle Fine Art has moved to it’s new location at 1559 Barrington Street and positioned itself as a progressive gallery focusing on emerging artists. Recently, we had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Adriana to learn a little more about her and the gallery.

    In case you were wondering, the painting in the upper right corner is ‘Burger’ by George Spencer, part of the ‘Comfort Food’ show currently running at Argyle Fine Art.

    Famous Folks: What are you doing, or what are you aware of, that’s making Halifax a better long-term option for the legions of young folk leaving the city?

    Adriana Afford: Halifax is a small city built (at least in the last couple of years) on openness and entrepreneurship. There are challenges to be sure, but here you can create your own future. We’re doing things like the Downtown Artwalk to encourage downtown-based galleries and businesses to work together, bringing people (and by extension their business) to the area. Having community events like this allows people who might never have considered visiting an art gallery a chance to experience some great art, meet the artists themselves, and gain an appreciation for our local talent.

    FF: Why have you stayed in Halifax?

    AA: I stay here because of family and the great people who live in Halifax, as well as having an established business here. Moving would mean uprooting all that.

    FF: Do you find Halifax inspiring?

    AA: I do, I think there are a lot of opportunities here, especially for entrepreneurs, and many different environments people can explore.

    FF: If Halifax were to change in some way, what would shock you the most?

    AA: I think I’d be most shocked by seeing more support for cultural events, ones that are more accessible to all, and more family targeted events.

    Adriana and Argyle Fine Art are creating a place for themselves here in Halifax while simultaneously highlighting the inspiring creative talent we have here. What does Halifax inspire you to create?


  9. The workweek is drawing to a close and that means one thing: The #FamousFriday artist profile! This week we’re featuring the Juno award winning Wintersleep! Formed in 2001 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, they will be playing several festivals around the country and are heading into the studio at the end of the summer to record their sixth album. In the meantime, have a listen to “Lipstick.” http://bit.ly/1mR6GIg


  10. We’ve all taken risks in our lives that our friends have thought were crazy, like moving to a totally new place without a job, skydiving, etc. In most cases, win or lose, we end up better off for taking the risk. Tell us about your experiences!